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About AVIS Medical Markets Network

The activity of AVIS Medical Markets Network appeals directly to the customer in retail pharmaceutical sector. Our company always giving priority to the high-quality products and services operates mainly in 4 directions :

  • Optics ;
  • Medical Market ;
  • Chemist’s ;
  • Hearing Center

One of our reasons for the success as AVIS Medical Markets Network stems from the fact that our main work is pharmacy. Our company moves toward the future by keeping the reliable and customer satisfaction in the forefront through our qualified specialists in this field as the Optics, Medical market, Chemist’s and Hearing center.

AVIS Medical Markets Network tries to provide always the medicinal products in accordance with the high-quality, state standards to the customers at any time.

As our main work is the human health, we have to be very careful. We tend to provide all products being available in the market of Azerbaijan that the people want and need in our stores.

“It is not allowed to compromise in quality”

AVIS Medical Markets Network played an important role in the establishment of pharmaceutical system in accordance with the modern and world-class standards in Azerbaijan from the year of 1998 – the establishment year of AVIS Medical Markets Network. The role of AVIS Medical Markets Network in applying the innovations occurred throughout the world and Turkey to the pharmaceutical market of Azerbaijan is significant in this sector. Also, it had invaluable activity in the development of hundreds of experienced pharmacists in practical manner within the period of performance.

The storage condition of medicinal products, cosmetic products and so on is always kept in the focus of attention at any time. The special condition for the medicinal products that need to the special storage condition was created in our pharmaceutical departments. In addition, we pay particular attention to the expiration date for use of medicines.

As human health is a sensitive area, also the timely receipt of certificates of the medicines in our drugstores is always in the center of attention.

Modern design

Our pharmaceutical departments belonging to AVIS medical Markets Network were designed in the form being convenient, meeting the international standards and giving the confidence to the customer.

Friendly Service

When we provide the means of health for recovering the health of human beings, we also pay special attention to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is very essential for us. We always try to provide the satisfaction of our customers when they get out from our drugstores. For this reason, all our staff is invited to the periodic training programs in this field.

Currently, our 7 departments operate in the capital Baku. Also, we conduct the various workshops for our personnel since the establishment. We implement all efforts that are necessary for continuation of our service level always in a raising trend and maintenance of our corporative culture along with the increase of the quantity of our departments.

Our mission :

To improve the quality of healthy life

Our vision

By taking the human-oriented service as a base, to be the leading and exemplary healthcare institution in its field

Our slogan :

Health is happiness!

Our values :

Belief – correct, honest, reliable, loyal
The confidence of our known customers is endless. This value was gained. The most important factor is to keep it. To protect this value, not to lose the trust and confidence of the people are our most essential responsibilities. For this purpose, the special attention is given to the personnel selection, their adaptation and development of them in accordance with the principles and values of the Company.

Customer satisfaction
What does it mean? It means a relationship till the customer enters inside, buys his/her wanting to the moment he/she leaves that place and then use that product. Customer satisfaction is to welcome the customers with smiling faces, to fulfill his/her desires in fully convenient way and to implement all high service standards in proper manner. Both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are the most essential values for the Company.

In this connection, we conduct both vocational trainings and personal performance trainings. By increasing the professionalism values in personnel, it is also able to affect to the value of customer satisfaction in a positive way. How much the personal is more knowledgeable, he or she is able to satisfy the customer about the products in high quantity.

Continuous improvement
The company follows the world practice in terms of application of innovations and tends to application of them within the framework of conditions and opportunities. The application of innovations contributes also to the development of staff. And thus, this creates the opportunity for the preparation of highly experienced specialists.

Social responsibility
The personnel should be humanist and responsible. They must behave in a very responsible manner to their nation, people and in general, the human beings. All of these come prior the professional trainings.