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Brief History of AVIS

Avis medical Markets network was founded in January of 1998th year with the “Istanbul” branch. “Istanbul” branch located in the address of F.Aghayev street No.14 won the admiration of customers in a short time of period with its perfect service that was important for that period and paved the way for the opening of the second branch. In September of that year, the branch named “Europe” was opened for the buyers in current “Khagani” street. This branch located in the address of R.Rza street No. 23/7 was a model for the pharmacies of that period with its design and product range.
Within the framework of long term – six years, the two drugstores educated tens of practical pharmacists and contributed to the determination of new pharmacist criteria.

The successful service of two branches and the work culture formed within 6 years raised the desires to be a brand. In this way, the name of third branch to be opened would be the name of both the chemist’s and the previous and following branches. The situation was like this. The first Avis chemist’s was presented to the public at the address of Agha Neymetulla Street No. 45 – in Narimanov district in March of 2005.

One of the main differences of Avis drugstores from the other drugstores was the existence of the other health products with wide range that were provided together with the medicinal products. The sections like biologically active supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, maternal and child products, hygiene products, orthopedic products are of feature with much diversity. By taking into consideration this feature, the branch at the address of R.Rza 23/7 with the concept of “large space-wide range-advisable sales” was called as Avis medical market and this concept started to be applied in the other departments or branches.

The fourth branch of Avis medical markets network was opened at the address of Hagverdiyev Street in March of 2008 and the fifth branch in H.Zardabi Avenue 89 in 2009, the sixth branch in Ahmadli settlement – M.Hadi Street No. 41V in April of 2012 and the seventh branch in Badamdar settlement – highway No. 5 were opened in November of 2013 in the subsequent manner. The January of 2015 was also pleasing. The eighth branch began its performance in prosperous Binagadi district, Javadkhan Street No. 43 (Pishevari). Each branch of Avis medical markets network provides the valuable service to people and stands on the guard of the human health.

The personnel have direct impact to the high level of service showed in Avis medical markets network. The company conducts the social activity events and trainings in order to provide the high quality of knowledge and morale of the personnel. As a result, the quality of service is constantly increasing and it causes to the opening of new branches.