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To have healthy teeth is everyone’s desire. But it is possible only buy brushing the teeth. 
  It is necessary to comply with the following rules for healthy teeth :
1.It is necessary  to eat the products which are rich with calcium and Vitamin C ;
2.It is necessary to pass absolutely from the dental examination every 6 months and to brush the teeth at least 2 times a day ;
3.Toothbrush and toothpaste are not enough for the care of teeth. The dental floss and gargling should be used along with them ;
4.The choice of toothbrush is important. The toothbrush must be in average hardness and should be replaced with new one every 3 months ;
5.The toothbrush must be placed to the teeth at an angle of 45 degrees and should be applied on the condition of not being too harsh in the round form ;
6.The increase in the age does not mean the aging of teeth. The yellowed and decayed teeth are not the result of aging, they are the result of non-care ;
7.The pea-sized toothpaste is enough to use within each brushing period ;
8.People who particularly take  benefit from the orthodontic treatment should be more sensitive in regard with teeth ;
9.The first orthodontic examination in children should be after the age of 7. The examination at an early age may not be effective, as the teeth are not permanent.
Oral and dental health must be from childhood years. If you observe any abnormality in the gums, teeth, jaw bone and any problem regarding the mouth, please consult a doctor immediately.