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Hearing (auditory) systems

The provision of high-quality service is our main factor in Avis Hearing Center. As the evident from its name, the customers with hearing impairment are served here.

Avis Hearing Center follows innovative data in modern technology and chose the service for the people in this field in high degree as its main purpose.
Our center implements the official distributorship of Turkish EARNET Company in Azerbaijan Republic. EARNET existing as the Germany – Turkey joint company is the company known worldwide for its quality products. Also, the relevant company applies the nanotechnology in the production in successful manner.

Along with these facts, Avis Hearing Center is also the official representative of Si-Ser company being the manufacturer of big hearing (auditory) appliances of Turkey.

The services carried out within Avis Hearing Center :

  • Examination ;
  • Sales process;
  • Service ;
  • In-house service

Examination :

  • Sound audiometry (measurement) ;
  • Speech audiometry ;
  • Tympanometry ;
  • Acoustic reflex

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