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Avis Optics

Our main mission as Avis Optics is to satisfy our customers by serving constantly in accurate, honest, friendly manner. Our company implements high qualitative service for its customers in optical frames, sunglasses, optical glasses and sunglasses and lenses being the famous brands of the world together with the emerging technology every day in the modern stores. It should be noted that the services that we provide are carried out in advanced and vanguard manner in this sector.

What are the main features differing Avis Optics from the other stores? Our differences are to prepare the product within a short time regardless of the number of optical glass and to provide it to the customer, as well as to implement the service in fully guaranteed manner. The customer chooses the frame and the glass needed for the customer is prepared in a short period of time and submitted to the relevant customer.

Our services :

Optical eye examination ;
Order process of any optical glasses ;
Guaranteed service ;
The free of charge repair service for the frames.

Our brands :

Calvin Klein
Emilio Pucci
Emporio Armani
Giorgio Armani

A full-service from zero to the end
Our main systems that require technical support are our optical and hearing systems. All processes are carried out under our control until delivering from zero situation to the customer here. What is the attention paid to here? The service offered to the people with visual impairments. These people are examined either in hospitals, or in our own examination room. We have our optometry services here. Thanks to these services, the patients are examined and then the rate of vision defect is receptized if this problem is the problem to be corrected with glasses and the glasses suitable for it are prepared and submitted as the finished product to the customer. Of course, the adaptation period is also available. During this period, the constant contact is kept with the customer. All types of sold optical glasses and lenses are presented in optics and the main feature is that all of these are the qualitative products of the qualitative firms. The repair of the glasses includes to the warranty and is carried out free of charge. The glasses of our optical glasses and sunglasses are the production of Germany and France and these are considered the best glasses throughout the world. It should be noted that the cylindrical value of these glasses is up to two in accordance with the standards. The plant do not provide higher rate. If yes, it is purely by the order and is prepared in special manner for the customer who has any needs.

Smart technology

It should be noted that the optical device submitted by our company to the service of the customers is latest model device being the production of Japan. All untouched works and the works being from zero to the end point (cutting, polishing and so on) are carried out in this apparatus that combines all technical support features in itself. The work is being done in fully automated manner. This device is considered as a small factory itself. The preparation of glasses by hand is not available in AVIS Optics as opposed to some optical stores. Because, the bending problem in preparation process by hand is faced.

All optical products are precisely prepared in AVIS Optics. In accordance with the request of the customers, the condition is created to look at the preparation rules of the glasses at any time.